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About Chatham Park

Chatham Park covers over 7,000 pristine acres adjacent to the huge Jordan Lake reservoir and the town of Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Sitting a short distance from Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, the Research Triangle Park and the Raleigh-Durham International Airport the property is the next logical extension for a region whose population is expanding by 50,000 new residents each year.

Preston Development Company, of Cary, North Carolina has gathered a team of the nation's most accomplished land planners to develop a live-work-play community of the future.

At a time when the tech-centered Research Triangle Park is down to its last few hundred acres, Preston Development Company's Chatham Park stands as a logical complement, providing a future anchor to one of the nation’s fastest growing, economically vibrant and most desirable areas.

Builder Magazine’s 2011 ranking of the nation’s healthiest markets found Raleigh rated #1 and Durham ranked #3. The Raleigh-Durham metro area is consistently named the nation’s “Best Place To Live” by publications like Forbes, and Bloomberg Business Week.

Preston Development Company has worked with all entities ensuring that all zoning and entitlements have been completed. Chatham Park is ready to develop as a live-work-play site that will promote tech/bio-tech development so that families can walk or bike to work or school or other activities.


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Beau Coast


Named 2012's "America's Coolest Small Town", Beaufort, North Carolina dates to at least 1709 and boasts having been under siege by pirates patrolling North Carolina's "outer banks" three different times. The notorious pirate Blackbeard ran aground in his Queen Anne's Revenge in the mouth of Beaufort Inlet. The North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort today displays the ship's booty---booty still being recovered.

Beaufort's streets, waterfront, and surrounding areas haven't changed drastically since the 1700s. Houses that were built in the eighteenth century on Front Street, particularly in the first and second block, are still standing today, occupied by families whose ancestors helped develop the town. The town cemetery, the Old Burial Ground, is a landmark historical site, boasting among other things, a soldier from the Revolutionary War who insisted that when he died he be buried standing up.

Wild horses today wander through the brackish water of Shackleford Banks, the ancestors of stallions and mares that swam ashore from Spanish shipwrecks beginning 400 years ago.

Against this backdrop, Preston Development Company is being lauded by the City of Beaufort for it's planned development of Beau Coast, a 300 acre residential project that will keep the flavor of Beaufort's historic architecture, it's porches, it's community taste and feel as it expands the perimeter of the current edge of Beaufort proper. The project has been set up and is ready for development. Sewer, water, and roadway easements are approved and in place.