Friday, 06 March 2015 15:00

Raleigh Ranks 3rd in Least Stressed Out Cities

According to a poll compiled this summer by CNN, Raleigh is the third “Least Stressed Out” city to live in across the entire United States.

Citing an abundance of job opportunities, a low crime rate, and great quality of life as the three main points in putting the “Capital City” in their top three, CNN placed only Rochester, NY and Salt Lake City, UT ahead of Raleigh. The CNN study also spoke highly of Raleigh’s low unemployment rate, the stable home prices, and the high amount of jobs available in the tech, medical, and academic fields. Additionally, the city’s beautiful greenways and public parks and its convenient location as it relates to having easy access to either beaches or the mountains at just a short drive away all help to create a low stress and healthy environment to live in. To read more about CNN’s ranking of the “10 Least Stressed Out Cities,” go to