Wednesday, 28 February 2018 13:42

Raleigh Chosen Among Top 3 Best Places to Buy a Home in 2018

The recently released its annual listing of Best Places to Buy a Home in 2018, which is compiled annually by the real estate experts at Trulia, found only two metropolitan areas nationwide being listed above Raleigh, which placed number three on the prestigious rankings.

In an article published in Vogue Magazine, based on the annual rankings at on the Best Places to Buy a Home in 2018 listings, it was explained in detail that the places once thought as most desirable new home destinations, specifically the Northeastern United States and California, have seen a decline and are no longer as sought after as the midsized cities in either the Southern or Midwestern parts of the country. This was detailed by Trulia’s chief economist, Ralph McLaughlin, who said in the Vogue piece, “Markets in the expensive West or Northeast failed to make our list, primarily because of affordability and slower job growth.”

Vogue columnist, Christina Perez supported the decision of Raleigh being placed number 3 among the 2018 Best Places to Buy a Home in 2018, explaining in her article that, “If everyone you know seems to be moving to Raleigh, there is a reason: North Carolina’s capital is often listed as one of the best places in the U.S. to live and, thanks to a booming tech industry, boasts one of the best employment markets in the country.”

Perez continued to praise Raleigh, saying, “The influx of jobs and money means the city has become pretty vibrant over the last few years and some say the culinary scene is one of the most underrated in the country.” She also noted that a very reasonable average median home sale price of $250,000 added to the allure of Raleigh and aided in its top 3 ranking among the Best Places to Buy a Home.

The main points that each municipality across the nation was analyzed on according to were job growth, vacancy rates, affordability, percentage of people among 35, among other points which Raleigh scored very highly on across the board.

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