Friday, 20 April 2018 15:02

Cary Firmly in The Top Ten Among Best Places to Buy a Home in NC

The annual rankings at were recently released, and adding to its already full trophy case when the results were posted was the Town of Cary, who placed number six out of all municipalities across the “Tar Heel State” among the Best Places to Buy a Home in NC.

In describing the process of how they arrive at the final rankings of the Best Places to Buy a Home in NC, the article on explained, The 2018 Best Places to Buy a House ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the housing and community of an area. This grade takes into account key factors of a location’s housing market, including home values, taxes, crime rates, and quality of local schools, in an attempt to measure the quality and stability of an area’s real estate market. 

In this analysis process of the Best Places to Buy a Home in NC, they also list each category that the municipalities were ranked according to, all of which found the Town of Cary among the Top 10 across the state and in most cases in the top five. These areas that were studied include, Home Value to Income Ration, Public School grading, Monthly Housing Cost, Cost of Living, Higher Education Grade, Median Home Value, Crime and safety grade, Age of Home Buyers, Property Tax, and several other areas that are expliained in detail at

Summing up the lofty number six rating for the Town of Cary in the Best Places to Buy a Home in NC was an actual customer review, where a Cary resident summed up the opinion voiced on the town in this poll, stating, “Cary, NC is a very peaceful town. I like to walk around the neighborhoods to see flowers booming in spring, to see birds flying and singing in summer, to see leaves fall in autumn, to see snow flakes in winter. I really enjoy every single season in Cary, where you really could have a slow and peace melody of life, where you can really enjoy your life!”